Need a LIFT?

We take on the load so you don’t have to. We understand and know the importance of onsite injury prevention and that’s why we are committed to making quality gantry cranes with adjustable features to fit your needs. All our Gantries meet OSHA and ASME safety standards.

COMPLIFT manufactures unique lifting solutions that are lightweight and portable. There is nothing like COMPLIFT on the market.

Legs move along the beam to allow COMPLIFT to fit in limited-space jobs

Legs move along the beam to allow COMPLIFT to fit in limited-space jobs.

Light Duty #1 - Complift

600lb lifting capacity. Adjustable height / length to fit your work space. Light-weight and portable frame.

Light Duty #2 - Complift

1,000lb lifting capacity. Adjustable height and length to fit into your work space. Wheel kit is optional.

Heavy Duty #3 - Complift

2,000lb lifting capacity. Specifically designed for chillers or rack systems. Sets up with no tools required

Heavy Duty #4 - Complift

1 ton lifting capacity. Ideal for outdoor use or in wet environments. Height adjustable from 68″-98″.


“The COMPLIFT gantry is by far one of the most useful tools utilized by our service technicians. The gantry sets up in minutes as advertised. It’s easily carried to basements or roof tops and anywhere in between. Works well in tight spaces. Our technicians say this is one of the best tools the company has purchased. We are very satisfied with our COMPLIFT gantry.”

Michael A. Roemer, Owner
Sensible Solutions HVAC Services LLC
Virginia Beach, VA