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Light-Duty #1 COMPLIFT (Hoist sold separately)

Part No. 1348-1 (Chain Hoist)
Part No. 1348-21 (Electric Hoist)
600lb Lifting Capacity

  • Portable
  • Assembles quickly with only 4 pins in less than 3 minutes no tools required
  • Lifts compressor, rolls along beam to clear ac unit and is easily lowered to the ground with hoist
  • Includes trolley designed for chain/electric hoist
  • Custom compressor hook available (free with purchase of COMPLIFT and hoist)
  • 8 ft. beam easily straddle truck beds for quick, safe loading and unloading
  • Legs adjust from 5.5 ft. to 8 ft. plus, move freely and easily along the beam making it super adjustable to fit into almost all lifting situations
  • Rated for up to 600lbs. load capacity
  • Hoists sold separately, Electric Hoist (Item#2184-H) or Chain Hoist (Item#2181-1)
  • Light weight strong steel frame is powder coated for durability to prevent rusting
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Light-Duty #1 COMPLIFT is your complete lifting system. COMPLIFT is a unique design that is adjustable in height AND length. There is nothing else like it on the market, taking less than 3 minutes to set-up, using only 4 pins! Also unique are the legs that move along the beam to allow you to manipulate it to fit into almost any situation. COMPLIFT is a light weight, portable, safe gantry crane that is ideal for almost all your lifting needs. Saving you time, money and your back! Take it from the job site, to your garage and to your deer lease, for lifting and dressing your game. COMPLIFT becomes your "buddy" when your buddy is not available to help you load/unload or lift equipment or supplies. Light-Duty #1 COMPLIFT is height adjustable from 5.5 ft. to 8 ft. with a 600 lb. load capacity and load tested in accordance to OSHA requirements for your safety.


complift light-duty #2

Light-Duty #2 COMPLIFT (Hoist sold separately)

Part No. 1369-1 Chain Hoist)
Part No. 1369-21 (Electric Hoist)
1000lb Lifting Capacity

  • Portable
  • Sets up easily
  • Lifts load, rolls along beam and is easily lowered to the ground with hoist
  • Includes trolley designed for chain/electric hoist
  • Custom compressor hook available
  • 8 ft. long beam
  • Height adjustable from 5ft. to 8ft.
  • Rated for up to 1000lbs. load capacity
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Wheel Kit available (Part No. 1130-32)
Complift heavy-duty

Heavy-Duty #3 COMPLIFT (Specifically designed for chillers or rack systems)

Part No. 1330-1
2000lb Lifting Capacity

  • Portable
  • Sets up easily, no tools required
  • Lifts compressor,or pump with hydraulic hoist and rolls out on twin aluminum channels
  • Height adjustable from 38'' to 49'' (measured from top of beam)
  • Hand truck mounted equipment rolls onto elevators for rooftop service
  • Beam carried separately
  • Rated for up to 2000 lbs. lift capacity with an 8" lifting range
  • Powder coated for durability
Complift 8-foot heavy-duty

Heavy-Duty #4 COMPLIFT (trolley and hoist sold separately)

Part No. 1362-1

High-strength, corrosion resistant all-aluminum COMPLIFT is ideal For outdoor use or in wet environments. The lightweight construction of this portable COMPLIFT allows for easy movement and height adjustment in 6" increments without the use of a forklift. Pin connectors and I-Beam mounting plates allow single person set up and disassembles in minutes. Includes 2 straps to transport in one neat package. Note: Use Crane to Lift Loads only. 54" base depth with four 4-position swivel-lock durable phenolic casters(not shown).

  • Portable
  • Sets up and disassembles easily
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Height adjustable from 68" to 98" (measured from underside of i-beam to ground)
  • One ton lifting capacity
  • Wheels included (phenolic casters)
  • Chain hoist(#2181-H) and trolley(#7392-T) sold separately

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